Crime Scene Cleanup in Whitewater, CA, 92230, (951) 356-9685

Why Choose ServiceMaster Restore?

At ServiceMaster Restore, we are experts in multiple areas, which enables us to deal with all kinds of damage safely and efficiently. You don't need to worry yourself with the work at all - just leave it to us and focus on looking after yourself. We take care of everything else!

  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • 10+ Years of Experience
  • Licensed & Insured in California
  • We work with all Insurance Companies
  • IICRC Certified
  • Accredited by the Better Business Bureau

The Best Crime Scene Cleanup Company in Whitewater

You can still rely on ServiceMaster Restore to deliver quality treatment during desperate crime scene cleaning circumstances. Crime Scene Cleanup specialists have ample expertise in washing up blood, suicide, and animal waste. Our primary consumers are residents within town limits of Whitewater. Call (951) 356-9685 to enroll our services.

Crime Scene Cleanup in Whitewater, CA (3064)

Providing You a Clean & Safe Home

Crime Scene Cleanup technicians can tend to any crime scene cleanup accident with great ease. ServiceMaster Restore has built a reputation for supplying quick and thorough crime scene remediation service. Based out of Whitewater, California, we tend all customers within 20 miles of our facilities. For immediate service, call our hotline at (951) 356-9685!

Crime Scene Cleanup in Whitewater, CA (5967)

About ServiceMaster Restore

Crime Scene Cleanup specialists in any crime scene remediation accident should appear. ServiceMaster Restore has developed a reputation for prompt and comprehensive delivery of crime scene cleaning services. Based in Whitewater, California, 92230, we tend all customers within 20 miles of our facilities. Just call our hotline for immediate service under (951) 356-9685!


Does ServiceMaster Restore have a quick response time for trauma cleanup?
Our team in Whitewater, California, 92230 believes that fast trauma scene cleanup is crucial to the health and well-being of anyone in the immediate area. Without proper cleaning, people are in constant danger of contracting potentially dangerous illnesses.
We had a family member pass away at home can ServiceMaster Restore help?
Absolutely our teams are trained and certified in biohazard and trauma cleanup and will handle the situation with the utmost compassion. Our teams can seal off the area and start proper cleaning protocols to help get the home in safe conditions. Call and speak to a specialist today (951) 356-9685.
What are some types of biohazard cleanup that ServiceMaster Restore handles?
Some of the common biohazard materials we deal with are blood, bodily fluids, animal waste, and sharp waste. We are trained and certified in biohazard cleanup and take all proper precautions when dealing with any biohazard situation. Call our team today (951) 356-9685.

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